Junior Infants 22nd June

Hello Junior Infants,

We’ve come to the end June and this is our last list of work for you to do before the Summer. Ms Grimes & Ms Dunne are so proud of you all and all of the work that you have done. We have missed you so much! We would love to see some more pictures this week before we finish up for the Summer.

This week we are having a Bake Off and we have included five recipes for you to try with your Mam and Dad. We hope you enjoy making and tasting these yummy treats!

Our theme for the other subjects is ‘The Seaside’. We will be looking at the story Rainbow Fish and doing some fun art related to the theme. You might enjoy singing the song ‘Under the Sea’.

As we didn’t get to go on our Junior Infant school tour, we have included a virtual school tour for you. It’s taken from The Pacific Aquarium to tie in with our theme! We hope you enjoy this!

We will see you on zoom on Thursday and would love to see you all once more before we finish up.

Take Care


Ms Grimes & Ms Dunne

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