School Charges

You will receive your child’s Book List with Annual School Report in June every year. (Make sure we have your address)

Book Rental

We operate a book Rental Scheme to minimise your costs. With care these books should last a few years.
Any rental books lost or damaged MUST be replaced.

Materials and Resources (Expenses):

A wide range of resources and materials (Art and Craft, Computer software, Maths equipment, etc) are provided every year. Aquatics is now part of the school curriculum – payment for swimming lessons is requested at the start of the year.

Voluntary Contribution:

The cost of heating, lighting, insurance and security for a large school exceed the Capitation Grant provided by the government annually. You will be aware there was a further cut to funding in this year’s budget. To help meet the short fall (about €10,000), the Board of Management appeals to your generosity for a contribution of €100.  (€50 if you have a child in St Joseph’s).

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