Parents as Partners in Education

Scoil Choca recognises that parents are the prime educators and as such have a right to be assured that the child’s needs are being met by the school. It follows that parents should be given as much information as possible on all aspects of the child’s progress and development. Parents, as a body, are also entitled to know whether the school and the education system are meeting children’s needs. When schools work together with families to support learning, children are inclined to succeed not just in school, but throughout life. Research shows that parental participation in schooling improves student learning.

Respect for the professional role of the teacher and the statutory responsibility of the Principal, Patron and Board of Management is always an important consideration.

Parents’ Association

The role of the Parents’ Association is:

  • To develop partnership between school and home; and
  • To support and encourage individual parents to become more involved in the education of their children.
  • It is in the best interests of the school that positive and effective communication exists between the Parents’ representatives, Kevin Morley and Margaret Ryan, on the Board and the Parents’ Association.

Developing Partnerships with Parents

In keeping with the principals of partnership in education our school is democratically run and parents are invited to become involved in many ways and at many levels.

  • The Board of Management is democratically elected and the involvement of all parents is sought and encouraged.
  • Parents are encouraged annually to form a Parents’ Association where they will be actively involved in policy making – RSE, Discipline, Parents’ Association Constitution, Healthy Lunches, Health and Safety, etc; they will also be involved in in discussions about school finances – voluntary contributions (levy), fundraising activities, etc.
  • Parents as a group have a range of talents, abilities and skills that have the potential to enrich and extend the educational opportunities provided for the children. It is our policy to identify parents with specific skills and to invite those parents to share their skills with us at a school and class level.

How to Get Involved

  • Parents are first of all, invited to consider their skills, interests and time available, and communicate this information to the class teacher or the Parents Association.
  • Parents can consult with the class teacher about hobbies, skills or interests they can share with the class bearing in mind that needs change from year to year.
  • Parents can work in conjunction with the teachers in a planned and coordinated way. For example, they could help with library and shared reading book exchange, assist at art times, work with the children at various curricular activities and lend a welcome hand in many other areas which can be identified with the teacher.
  • Parents can help with swimming, tours and trips, helping with social events such as Graduation, First Communion, Sports Day, art.
  • Parents are currently involved in many extra-curricular activities such as the school library, athletics, camogie, football and would be particularly welcome to initiate project work with the children in the areas of the school garden, cultural activities, etc.

Parents’ Ass

The new officers for 2015/16 were elected at the first meeting of our new Parents Association on Tuesday 10/11/2015.

Chairperson: Emma McManus    Vice Chairperson: Claire Deane

Secretary: Deirdre Stack                   Vice Sec: Jennifer Keogh

Treasurer: Suzy Norris                      Vice Treas: Paula Gallway

PRO: Heidi Jermyn, Amy McGrath and GeeBee Alli

Meetings take place every second Tuesday of the month at 7.30 in the Staff Room and new parents are most welcome. Children love telling about their mums and dads being at a meeting in the staff room.

Parents nominees for the new Board of Management 2015-2019 are:

Maria Panza Connaughton and Fergus McGrath.



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