Code of Conduct

You can read our full CODE OF CONDUCT and our ANTI BULLYING PROCEDURES in the Policy Section or download the full documents here

The children in Scoil Choca Naofa are well-behaved and co-operative. Our emphasis is on promoting and rewarding good behaviour

The school will expect pupils to:

  • Show respect for yourself and others
  • Show courtesy and respect for your teacher
  • Show acceptance and respect for differing personalities, cultures and nationalities and never insult or belittle your fellow students because of differences; Listen when others are speaking; Show kindness and a willingness to help
  • Always do your best
  • Participate in all class activities and avoid distracting behaviour
  • Follow the rules drawn up in your class
  • Show courtesy and manners as you move around the school
  • Respect school property and keep the school tidy and litter free

The school will expect parents to:

  • Encourage a positive attitude to the school and expect your child to abide by the Code of Discipline
  • Ensure the punctuality and regular attendance of your child
  • Ensure your child always has a Healthy Lunch
  • Be familiar with the various policies and codes of the school and the expectations of the pupils
  • Be interested in, support, praise and encourage your child’s work in school;  ensure that she has all the necessary materials, adheres to the dress code, has her homework carefully completed and participate in school activities
  • Provide a contact number where you can be reached in an emergency
  • Exert firm but fair discipline in cases where your child’s behaviour is having a negative impact on the behaviour of others.
  • Be available to meet your child’s teacher – it’s a good idea to make an appointment so that the teacher is available to talk with you.
  • Always model the behaviour you expect from your child.

Parents & Students will expect the school to:

  • To provide a safe and happy learning environment where children receive fairness and consistency
  • To encourage and support children and affirm their abilities in an atmosphere of support and inclusion rather than criticism
  • To show a willingness to listen to the viewpoint of students and parents
  • To use respectful ways of resolving difficulties and conflict
  • To explore Restorative Justice Practices
  • To allow a “fresh start” once an issue has been resolved.

Each class will devise their own age-appropriate class rules based on these objectives.

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