6th class, 8th June

Hi to 6th class,

Welcome to Sports Week. Did you see the video wish sent to you all by Anna Geary? If not, look at the school website! The staff would like to wish you all the best for Sports Week. Many sports stars wanted to say hello also. We hope you like them.  All 3 videos are on the school website. During Sports Week we have challenged you to get 100 points daily. Look at the Daily Sports Challenge. Use your imagination. Encourage other family members to get involved.  Go outside as often as possible to get some exercise. A very special effort was put in by Madison to show you some Gaelic Skills on video so thank you Madison!

Please send photos of your Sports Week. If you would like your picture to go on the school website make sure to ask permission from a parent/guardian and please do not have your face in the photo.

We know that you are all tired of schoolwork at this stage so we decided to only give you a very small amount this week. Do your maths though and we will email the answers on Thursday.

We really enjoyed the Zoom call on Friday. It was great to see you all. We will have weekly Zoom calls and will send out the invitation well in advance.

Have fun this week,

Ms Diggin & Ms Soden








Please go outside as often as possible to get some exercise.

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