5th Class, 5th May

To all of the girls in Ms. Mahon and Ms. Field’s 5th class,

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has made contact with us this week. It is great to know that you are all well. Thank you to those of you who sent us samples of your work. We never thought we’d say that we miss correcting ALL of the work in ALL of your copies, but we really do. We are both very tired of this lock down and we miss seeing our friends. We are sure that you all feel the same. But we do know that this lock down is to keep us and all the people that we love safe. So even though it is really hard, we know that it is the right thing to do.

The good news is Monday is a bank holiday so we are not giving you any work to do. We were also meant to be off school on Tuesday so we have left the work on Tuesday optional. But do make sure to get outside on these days, read and help out at home.

This week we are looking at time in maths. This is a very hard topic. If you don’t understand any of the questions please email us and we will explain it to you. You will all be glad to know that this is the last week of ‘An Teilifís’ in Gaeilge. Next week we will be moving onto a new topic. We are celebrating ‘Well-Being Week’ in Scoil Chóca Naofa this week. You will notice that you have three well-being activities and a well-being podcast this week. We will include some of the well-being work in the future plans too.

Now, over to you. We’d like you to email us and let us know what your favourite two books are. We are going to put together a list of books to read and send it out to everyone in 5th class next week. We might include a few activities too.

That’s all for now girls. Remember to keep washing your hands and keep up all your good work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Mahon & Ms. Field.

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