5th Class, 2nd June

Hello 5th class,

We hope you are all keeping well and safe and enjoying the beautiful weather. With not being school, we’ve noticed nature a lot more. Ms. Mahon was having her lunch outside last Thursday and noticed eight massive bumble bees flying around her. Ms. Field saw a beautiful heron on the canal when she went for a walk on Friday. Even the birds’ dawn chorus early in the morning is much louder and the stars in the night sky are brighter. This might be because there aren’t as many planes in the sky at this time.

This week we are still working on percentages. We hope you are managing okay with them. If not please email us and we will be more than happy to help. Mum and Dad will receive an email from Ms. Daly about S.P.H.E. this week. You will finish Spellbound this week too! Read at Home and Spellbound both finished – you are two very hard-working classes!

There will be a bit of a surprise on the school website on Friday morning (5th June) at 9a.m. We think it will be a message from a famous sports star but we can’t say who. So make sure to be up early on Friday to take a look.

A big ‘Happy Birthday’ to Fiona who is celebrating her birthday this week. We hope you have a lovely day and have a nice treat.

Finally, keep up the fantastic work girls. We know that it is very tricky at the moment. It’s really hard not being in school and it’s even harder when the weather is so lovely outside. We’ve had a few girls email us and tell us that they get up early and start their school work at 9a.m. They finish it and then they have the rest of the day to play.

Looking forward to reading your emails,

Ms. Mahon and Ms. Field.

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