World Book Day 2022

We celebrated ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday, 3rd March. Children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters and shared their favourite books with the class. Competitions were held in different classes with some wonderful prizes up for grabs. Children designed bookmarks and book covers, wrote character profiles and book summaries and even spent some time reading in the sun. Book tokens were distributed and the children can use these to obtain a free book at local participating bookstores. Here are some books available to your child for purchase. https://www.worldbookday.com/books/

Please have a look at some of the photos below from ‘World Book Day.’

Ms. Carr’s Junior Infants

Ms. Tierney’s Senior Infants

Ms. Shanley’s 1st Class

Ms. Grimes/Ms. Heffernan’s 2nd Class

Mr. Carey’s 3rd Class

Mr. Bracken’s 3rd Class

Ms. Soden’s 5th Class

Ms. Heffernan’s 5th Class

Ms. Diggin’s 6th Class

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