Tolu’s mum visited 4th class during the term and here are some photos she took of the day; also her thoughts on the event:

The computer class with Ms Hefernnan’s 4th Class was absolutely amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with the girls and I appreciate the opportunity to share some computer knowledge with them.

I showed them how to design their projects on a computer and our sample project that we worked on for the day was about the fourth class girls, their brilliance and their love for dogs.

And what was most exciting for me, was that the girls were not the only ones to learn something on the day as I also learnt a new word from the girls – Dachshund (a kind of dog breed)

I really enjoyed my time with the girls and although they did ask me to come back again, I unfortunately wasn’t able to this school term but hope to in the future.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and privilege. I appreciate it so much.

My very best wishes to you now and in the years ahead.

Gee Bee

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