St. Brigid’s Day

We celebrated St. Brigid, the patron Saint of Kildare, on the 1st February in our school. Lots of activities took places in all classes from making cloaks and crosses to attending Mass. 2nd class and our green school committee , with the help of our wonderful caretaker Tommy, planted two apple trees in our school garden. Thank you all for your hard work. Please have a look at some of the photos below of our gardening.

Story of St. Brigid & The Apples

One day when Brigid was on a long journey she stopped to take a rest. A rich lady heard about this and brought her a beautiful basket of apples. No sooner had she received them than a group of very poor people came by and begged her for food. Without a moment’s hesitation, Brigid gave them the apples. The rich lady was utterly disgusted and she complained to Brigid, “I brought those apples for you, not for them.” Brigid’s reply was: “What is mine is theirs.” Brigid was a very kind and generous person.

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