SEN Ms. Curran & Ms. McCabe, 25th May.

Hello, Girls and Boys,

Ms. Curran here! How are you all doing, this week? Did you get to meet some of your friends, who live closeby? If you did, I bet that was very exciting, and I’m sure you were so careful about keeping your 2 metre distance.

I have still not seen any member of my family since February midterm and I’m really missing them a lot. However, I got to meet Mrs. McCabe and Ms. Sheil at school, last Monday, and it was lovely to see my friends again, and great to be able to get into our room and make work packs for you all!

I hope that you are all staying active so that you will be really fit for Sports week, in June!

Take care, keep washing those hands and don’t forget to help your parents even a little, at home. Any tiny job you can do really means a lot to them.

We miss you all, all of the time.

Ms. Curran

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