SEN Ms. Curran & Ms. McCabe, 11th May

Hello again, girls and boys in 3rd Class!

How are you all, this week? We had some good news, last week, as the over 70s were allowed out of their cocoons for some exercise. Say hello to your grandparents for us, they are very important people in our lives and in our society. It has been hard, not being able to visit them, but the time will come, soon, hopefully.

We have included some work for you all to do, and it is attached to the end of your class teacher’s worklist. As we said before, please don’t feel you have to do it all, but you might find it easier to do this, instead of the other work.

Make sure that you are doing a couple of chores to help your parents, each day. It will be a huge help to them. Keep up the exercise, as fresh air is so important for us all. Above all, keep washing your hands, and keeping a distance between yourselves and others.

WE miss you all and would LOVE to get an email from each of you, this week.

Mind yourselves,

Ms. Curran & Ms. McCabe.

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