School Book Collection

Dear Parents,
We have put a lot of thought into creating a safe process of allowing you to come and collect your children’s schoolbooks on Thursday the 26th of March, to enable them to continue with guided learning under our teachers’ weekly direction at home. May I just add that it is not mandatory for you to do so. I would also remind you to come alone. Do not bring children to the school building please. There will be an evening provision made also if you need to wait until then. Everyone’s safety is our main priority. 


1. We want to avoid having long queues at the entrances to the school so  we don’t want everyone to arrive at the same time. 

2.We want you to be safe when you get into the building so we have to think about social distancing if there is a slight queue.

3. We have to think about the incoming parents not crossing over with the parents who are leaving the building or the grounds.

4. We have to think about parents who have multiple children and want to make only one trip to the school for books.

5. We have to think about the virus sticking to surfaces such as handrails and desks.

Having considered all of the above we have come up with the following solution to allocate a slot for you to come to the school and collect your child’s schoolbooks in a safe manner.

A. Each class will be given a time slot in which to arrive for their schoolbooks to avoid lengthy queues. 

B. 2M markers will be placed outside the school entrances to allow for about 5-10 people to stand in a queue whilst we allow only one person into the school at a time from each year group. 

C. Access to one class from upstairs and one from downstairs at any one time. Entrance doors to upstairs classes and exit doors will be separate to the parents of children visiting downstairs classes. only two parents will be in the yard at any one time

D. Parents collecting multiple sets will notify the office upon entrance and staff will collect sibling sets and have them available at the exit doors for them

E. Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser will be made available at the entry points of the school. Please avoid touching other surfaces when you come in to the school.

We understand that some parents will be working and unable to come in during the day so we will also make provisions for parents to come between 7:00- 8:30 p.m. tomorrow evening. However there is likely to be a longer queue at that time as we will be trying to accommodate multiple classes at once so please do come at your allocated daytime slot if you can. 

Please bring a bag to carry the books. Only one person may enter the building at each entrance point at any one time. A skeletal staff will be on hand to direct parents.The books have been arranged in each class on the desks so there will be no searching involved. The collection process should take no more than 3 minutes. Please come at your allocated time only. Parents of children in Ms O Grady’s Class and Ms Carr’s Class are not required to come in as they already have the books needed at home to continue their work. 
Go dté sibh slán!

Kind Regards,

Linda Daly

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