Newsletter November 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for the warm welcome back. It’s good to see you all again. I can’t believe how  much all the children have grown in my absence.  I was so glad to be back for Spooky Walk—thanks to Ms McCabe and the Parents Association for the wonderful day.

Also on the topic of WALKING: Even though winter is fast approaching our children  need lots of exercise …  might I encourage you to dress in warm clothes, park away from the school and walk.  


What  can I do in Kilcock?????

kid-having-funIn recent days I have received many requests for information about social, sport, cultural, clubs and events that are in Kilcock… for both children and adults. Clare Deane, (Sophie and Aoife’s Mum) Heidi Jermyn (Frieda’s Mum) and Paula Gallway (Abbey’s Mum)  propose to publish a list on our Facebook page  …if you have  contact numbers for clubs or organisations you might send them to me as soon as possible

Some activities that are going on in Scoil Choca after school:

  • Ballet every Monday and  Wednesday
  • Hip Hop  with Laura Conlon on  Tuesday
  • Camogie Training Tuesday
  • Junior Parish Choir Tuesday
  • Piano lesson during school hours
  • Piano lessons with Carol Somers (during school hours)


School Text Books

As you know we operate a BOOK RENTAL SCHEME for many of the text books: this reduces your expenses in September. For the scheme to be viable, we need to get at least three year’s use from the books. Children should be very careful  with the books – they should not mark a rented book by writing on it, folding it, etc. and they should keep the book clean.

Parents of children who do not care for the books and keep them in reasonable condition will be asked to compensate the school, allowing us buy a replacement copy.  We can make the BOOK RENTAL SCHEME worthwhile and successful, if we all cooperate.


Library Books

book-wormLast year we introduced a Digital School Library System. The children scan the book they are borrowing and returning. This means they cannot borrow a book until the previous one is returned. It also makes it easy to trace missing books.

Again, parents of children who lose books will be asked to replace the book or compensate the school for its loss.

 Martina , Lillian’s mum, continues to do a brilliant job  in organising the  library.

We have just acquired  €1700 worth of books (commission from the Book Fair which was held last March) . Covering the books certainly adds to their life span. This is a tedious process …. SO if anyone would like to volunteer to cover some books, it would be greatly appreciated.

Try to listen to your child reading every evening…. 10 minutes. Maybe discuss the story or ask about new or unknown words. Visit Kilcock Library. The Charity shops often have good quality and very reasonably priced children’s books. Children can also swap books.


kids-safety-firstChurch Gate, School Drop Off & Safety

Welcome to Martin OReilly who has started to man the church gate from Monday 21st. This is  a great service provided by Kildare Network. Special thanks to Fr PJ and Liz for all their support in the project and to Clare Deane who  has put so much work into getting this service up and running again. Martin will close the church gate to traffic at school opening and closing times thus providing for the safety of our children. However you, the parent/minder has still full responsibility for your child ….some convent and church traffic will continue to have access.


We still have parent using the Staff Car Park for parking and/or for crossing with the children.

The SCHOOL ENTRANCE/GATE for PUPILS  is clearly marked. PLEASE support your children in keeping the school rules and enter through SCHOOL ENTRANCE only.


Upcoming Events

  • Parent Teacher meetings for Senior Infants to 6th class: Notes will soon be sent to organise suitable times.
  • Annual Christmas Sale of Work: start collecting your bric-a-brac
  • Christmas Pageant :our Annual Carol Service will take place on Thursday 18th December at 11am
  • First Communion Programme: Enrolment has taken place and you all have the dates of future events. Please attend …it’s what Communion is all about
  • Also remember Family Masses


Cash For Clobber

Can you believe that your wardrobe clear out earned us €380. This will help to subsidise a “CYBER BULLYING TALK” for 5th and 6th classes. Thank you so much.


Parents Association AGM

reading-with-childrenThe AGM of the Parents Association was held on  9/10/2014; although not particularly well attended, those who were there received some very valuable information on how to help and encourage their children  with reading .  Marie McLouglin  from the Froebel College of Education in Maynooth  gave lots of tips on ways to make reading interesting. A parent from Ms Goggin’s class won the CLASS PARTY.

You can also find some helpful sheets on helping children with various topics on the  NCCA web site .

It is really important that your child develops a good reading habit— to improve vocabulary, access information,  etc.


Welcome to our New Parents Council:

Chairperson: GeeBee  Shogunle

Vice Chair: Delia Byrne

Treasurer: Gemma Lynch

Vice treasurer: Erin Morley

Secretary: Suzie Norris

We have 2 reps from most classes but not all—If you are interested in joining us, please give your name to Ms Fay.

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