Ms. R. Heffernan, SEN, 4th and 5th Class

Hi girls!

I hope you’re enjoying the sunny weather and had a lovely bank holiday weekend. This would have been another short week in school so you can take it easy on Monday and have fun with your friends and family. Tuesday’s work is optional as we would have been closed that day. So just three days’ work –you can do it!!!

There’s going to be a big surprise message from a famous sports star on the website on Friday 5th June at 9am to prepare us for sports week the following week. Then on Sunday night June 7th, you will see two more videos on the website, one of your wonderful teachers and the other of some more famous sports stars. I’m sure you’ll all be looking forward to seeing them, I am!

Thank you again to all the girls who are keeping in touch and sending me on their work. I love hearing from you.

I’ve put more work for you on your class teachers’ plans. Let me know how you get on or if you need any help.

Enjoy the videos! Have a great week!

Keep being safe and being kind,

Ms. R. Heffernan

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