Newsletter May 2013

School Activities to mark in your calendar:

  • IRISH DANCING FEIS (Jun Inf—4th class) 24th May @ 9.30
  • PIANO RECITAL (Individuals)
  • RECORDER CONCERT (1st—6th classes) : Wed 5th June
  • SPORTS DAY (all classes) Thurs 23rd May

Thank you to the many parents who returned questionnaires to help us with the review of our Anti-Bullying Policy and our Code of Discipline. It is important that parents have an input to both policies as the school is so dependent on the support of all partners (parents, teachers, Board) to successfully implement policies. Both policies have been sanctioned by the Board of Management and are available on the school web site.All schools are now required annually to select and area of the curriculum for particular focus. We have selected “Problem Solving” as part of mathematics. I will be asking you to complete a questionnaire (about the end of May) with your child about attitude to maths – what is enjoyable and what is not; areas that are problematic for homework and why; suggestions as to how school might help.


5th and 6th classes will make history on the night of 16th May in the Citywest Hotel. For the first time the Kildare schools will perform in their own Regional Concerts. I have attended most of their practices and the hard work of the last months has really paid off. You will be amazed and so proud of your children as they perform in this lovely venue with a 15 piece orchestra. Tickets are still available and will be available at the door on the night. I look forward to meeting you all there for an unforgettable evening of music.


One of my main areas of attention at this time of the year is the allocation of classes. From 1st class to 6th class, there will be a number of single grade and multi-grade classes. As you know, the criteria for grouping is primarily social—your child will be in a class with one of their friends; each grouping is also mixed ability. To assist me (and ultimately your child) I will be sending home a “friendship list” on which you will list 3 of your child’s friends—at least 1 of these children will be in the same class as your daughter next year.

REMEMBER: Friendships change from year to year depending on your child’s interests.
It is a good idea for your child to widen their circle of friends.
Sometimes the children your child chooses as friend, chooses your child
Please discuss this with your child and make informed choices.

When class announcement is made, please support my decisions.


Quite a large group of parents gathered in Scoil Choca to discuss traffic control in the area around the school and some very interesting suggestions were made.

  1. Mill Lane is really not suitable for parking …it’s too narrow for parking and 2-way traffic and children getting out of cars on road side. TRY TO PARK ELSEWHERE
  2. The Church gate is manned at school opening and closing times; however, convent traffic (staff and delivery) has right-of-way; a walk way has been provided from church gate to school gate; TREAT THE CHURCH GROUNDS AS YOU WOULD A ROAD WAY—EXPECT YOUR CHILD TO WALK WITH ON THE WALK WAY. We are getting cones to mark this more clearly. If you park in the church before gates are closed, PLEASE WAIT TILL GATES REOPEN BEFORE DRIVING OUT.
  3. A red box has been painted at the side entrance to the church—THIS IS A SET DOWN AREA ONLY (we hope to have a sign put there)
  4. SLOW DOWN if driving on the lane.
  6. It is very distressing and embarrassing for our children to witness adults SHOUTING at each other. LET’S MODEL CALMNESS AND MANNERS


Congratulations to 2nd class—they received their First Communion on Saturday last. Thank you to Ms Shanley and Ms Byrne who prepared the girls so well for the occasion . Thank you also to Fr PJ and Fr Des for the lovely ceremony; to Ms Ní Loinn, Peter Manning and the choir; to the Parents’ Association and the parents of First class who decorated the hall and prepared and served refreshments. I hope everyone enjoyed their day.


There are many expenses involved in running a large school—there are the basics of insurance, cleaning, maintenance, heating, lighting as well as providing and upgrading educational resources such as technology, soft ware, curriculum programmes, etc. The government grants which are our only income are insufficient to meet all the bills and this is why we depend on your generosity.The Board of Management would like to take this opportunity to thank the many families who made a voluntary contribution this year. If you are unsure if you have made your contribution, you could check with Frances, the school secretary.
Thank you also from the Staff and children


Please talk to your children about messaging … in recent weeks we have had a number of very upset children in senior classes. Some of them are sharing quite personnel information within group texts, expecting it to be confidential, and being very embarrassed when it is not. This is NOT happening in school as phones are turned off. But unfortunately, we are dealing with the results.

The Parents Association have organised that a speaker on Internet safety will address their AGM in September.


During a routine visit from HSE Dental Hygienist to Junior and Senior Infants, 3rd and 5th classes, we were asked to remind parents:

  • Many bars advertised as “healthy” have a high sugar content;
  • It is not a good idea to sip fruit drinks regularly during the day because of their sugar content—water is best.
  • Many yoghurt type products are high in sugar and fat.
  • ALWAYS check labels—real food (fruit, mixed veg sticks, homemade sandwiches and rolls, etc. are usually best.
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