Grandparents day

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The children of the Senior Infant classes, first and second classes had some very special visitors today. Grandmothers and grandfathers visited the classes to share stories of when they were younger. They talked about school and games and friends. One granny told about how she walked 4 miles to and from school every day, rain and shine. A grandad told about how he and his friends had to make their own football using the bladder of a pig. The ball was so strong it lasted 6 weeks. Another granny showed us how she played 2 balls against the wall. She also described playing hopscotch and skipping . We heard about some very, very cross teachers.Some of the lessons were the same as ours but a bit harder. One of the grannys went to school in Kilcock when the classrooms were in the convent and the furniture was very different to what is in our school today. In one of the houses they had a radio but the daddy only let them listen to the news.None of the grandparents had TVs, computers or phones. One granny told us there was no electricity in her house when she was little.

We loved their stories. We sang some of our favourite songs for the visitors. One of the grandads gave us 10 out of 10 for our singing. Then we brought them to the halla where the Parents Association had tea and delicious cakes for them.

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