February Run: Week 4

For the month of February, the children and staff of Scoil Chóca Naofa have worked exceptionally hard at achieving the Active Flag, despite the lockdown. We have walked/cycled/ran/rode horses/swam every day and totalled our distances at the end of each week. The results have been incredible so far. Here are the stats for week 4, our final week of this fun challenge.

Junior & Senior Infants:

The boys and girls in Junior and Senior infants have achieved their personal best distance this week, travelling an enormous 316 km. That is the same distance from Liverpool to London in England. Wow! Super effort, infants.

First & Second Class:

The boys and girls in 1st and 2nd Class succeeded in totalling 576 km this week. This equals the distance from Berlin, Germany to Vienna in Austria. Impressive!

Third & Fourth Class:

The boys and girls in 3rd and 4th Class totted up a whopping distance of 512 km this week. That is the distance equivalent to the journey from Boston to Philadelphia in the U.S.A. Superb!

Fifth & Sixth Class:

The girls in 5th and 6th Class recorded a vast distance of 472km this week. That equates to the distance from Paris, France to Amsterdam in the Netherlands! Marvellous!

The grand total is:

1876 km were covered in total by all of the children this week. This journey would bring us from Istanbul to Jerusalem.

School Staff:

The staff collectively travelled the distance from San Francisco to Seattle in the U.S.A, covering a huge distance of 1366km. Astounding!

We are glad that families had the chance to get outside, get active and have some fun, while completing this challenge! Remember… a healthy body is a healthy mind.

Check out some of the photos of the children in action throughout the week. A huge congratulations to all involved for taking part in this initiative throughout February.

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