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Ms Sheil and Ms Diggin treated 5th class to an “engineering” outing to celebrate Engineers Week 2016. Why?

Engineering is in Ireland’s DNA – from Newgrange, which predates Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, to the skyscrapers that tower over American cities to the very Higgins boats that were used to liberate Europe on D-Day 1944 – the Irish have a knack for it.

If we fail to embrace engineering as a quality, then we are failing to teach our young the purpose of studying maths and science in the first place.

Scoil Choca certainly embraces engineering……

Engineering should not only be considered as a subject on the school curriculum, it should be considered a virtue, a quality and a way of thinking. Not everyone will be an engineer, but they should want to be.

The highest paid jobs in the world today – certainly in Silicon Valley – are for software engineers who have become as rare as hens’ teeth.




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