Choir Rehearsal Photos and some info for Concert

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    We received a very complimentary mail about recent choir practice. Well done choir and teachers.
    Here is some information you might need for concert:
    • Choir members must wear a plain white t-shirt/shirt/blouse (no logos) and dark bottoms 
(uniform bottoms are fine – skirt and tights or trousers)
    • On the day of the concert, choirs should arrive dressed in their choir uniform. Coats and lunches can be stored under the children’s seats or you may wish to collect their coats in a bin liner (clearly labelled) and store out of sight during the performance.


    • Choirs will be asked to go directly to their performance positions on arrival.
    • Choirs should be in their performance positions 2 hours before the performance begins.
    • The pre-concert rehearsal must start at the appointed time. Any choir which arrives late will only be allowed to join the rehearsal during breaks between songs.
    • Choirs who anticipate lengthy travel times will need to factor in comfort breaks and allow extra time.
    • Choirs should arrive at concert hall dressed in their choir uniform as there are no changing facilities.
    • Choirs have a 1 hour rehearsal and 40 minute break before going on stage.
    • Choirs should bring a snack to have at the break. The snack should be in a small plastic or paper bag. Do not bring Hold-alls/Hand Bags/Carrier Bags/Ruck Sacks, etc.
    • Choirs should be in their performance positions 20 mins before the concert begins.
    • Once the concert begins, the choirs remain on stage at all times. Choirs may not leave the stage at the interval except where it is necessary.
    • Teachers sit with their group for concerts, and supervise them at all times. The recommended supervision ratio is 1 teacher to 15 students.
    • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during the rehearsals or the concert.
    • No recording is permitted (audio or visual) of any part of the rehearsal or performance.

    The organisers recommend that we urge parents to get their tickets now, rather than taking a chance on the day. 

  • When booking remember the time of our concert to avoid any ticket confusion.


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