Imagining the Ireland of 2116 – WOW!



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The following were selected as our entries in the 2016 All-Island Art Competition: ” Imagining the Ireland of 2116″

Artwork 1
Name: Virginia Paun (age 6) Title:  A Bomb is Going to Blow Up
Artwork 2
Name: Iseult Purcell  (age 7) Title: Rockets and Comets
Name: Amelia Byrnes (age 7) Title: A World of Happiness
Artwork 4
Name:  Kaitlyn Tracey (age 9) Title: The Extreme Tablet Wall
Artwork 5
Name: Wiktoria Maksim (age 11) Title:  The Hollagram Class
Artwork 6
Name: Alannah Grundy (age 11) Title: Irish People Move Planet!

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