Hour of Code


The Hour of Code will take place during the week of Dec 8th – 14th in schools all over the world.

Here in Scoil Choca, on a Tuesday evening, we have an after school Scratch + club where a group of students are working on some very interesting coding projects. Special thanks to Heidi Jermyn and Mr O’Sullivan who give of their time. Last year many classes had the opportunity to try coding for the first time. Hopefully this year we will do the same.

Some relevant resources from Irish schools:

In this short video clip, principal Enda McGorman speaks about why his school uses Scratch to support numeracy skills, in particular problem-solving:


Here teacher Elaine Lyons uses Scratch, among other tools, in a 6th class lesson on procedural writing based on a science experiment:


Also check out http://www.scratch.ie/resources for step by step Scratch lesson plans aimed at primary teachers.




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