6th Class, 18th May

Hello 6th class and welcome to another week!

Once again we are delighted with the amount of creative, thoughtful and imaginative work that you have been sending in. Thank you so much, it is really great to be able to engage with you and to praise the effort and determination you are displaying through this work.

We would like to express a huge thanks also to your parents and guardians who are helping support you in your work and uploading pieces to us. We understand that every home is different and everybody is doing their best to complete their work. Some days might be more productive than others and that is perfectly normal, we know how challenging working and learning from home can be and are happy knowing you are doing your best.

This week children will be completing the Stay Safe Programme. Ms Daly has sent on links and information to parents/guardians and IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THESE LESSONS TOGETHER. This programme is a revision of work completed in 5th class but it is important that parents discuss and supervise these lessons with children as there are some sensitive issues that may arise.

With our School Magazine due to go out at the end of June we are asking you to think of some new creative ideas on what to add into our magazine. Some of you have already written articles but have you any stories you would like to add, artwork or Illustrations? Be as creative as you like and send them into us. We are so excited to see what you might come up with.

We hope you like your 6th class hoodies, please note these hoodies can be paid for on Aladdin from this Monday the 18th of May. The cost is €21.

Finally, have a lovely week. Please continue to keep in touch and feel free to contact us about anything on our email. We will assist you in any way we can.

Many Thanks,

Ms. Soden & Ms. Diggin

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