Junior Infants, 2nd June 2020

Hello to all the Junior Infants and your families!

We hope that you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday and the beautiful weather that we have had recently. We hear that lots of you are outside on your bicycles and scooters and some are even having water fights. That sounds like such good fun!

This week we are going to schedule a Zoom assembly so we can see each other again and share our news. Each teacher will contact their class with time and date details as well as some ideas about what we will talk about so you can be ready! We are so excited about seeing you all and we think you would also like to see your friends from Junior Infants.

Details about the RSE programme we are covering this week is on a separate email for Mums and Dads to check out. Details lessons are provided as well and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or guidance.

Kindest regards and see you all next week,

Ms. Dunne and Ms. Grimes



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