15th June SEN Third Class

Dear Boys and Girls in Third Class.

How was Sport’s Week? We saw some great pictures of some of you out and about being active and gathering points. Well done! Did you all enjoy the videos we made? We had such fun dreaming up ways to impress you all!!

Only 2 weeks of schoolwork left before the summer holidays. Can you believe that? It has been so strange working from home and communicating with you all electronically. We are sooooo looking forward to seeing you all again in September in school. We are waiting to be told how to arrange things for you all. We have our own ideas too.

We have attached our work to the end of your teacher’s plan and again remember it is optional. Do it instead of something you find difficult.

It was great to see you at the Zoom assemblies on Thursday. If the hairdresser was open, i would have had a blowdry for the event!!! Not for another while unfortunately.

Keep well, keep safe distances and keep washing those hands. Sending you all happy thoughts and a big smile.

Mrs McCabe



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